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When the media discusses cosmetic and plastic surgery hotspots, it’s difficult not to think about Los Angeles or New York. However, Washington D.C. is one of the biggest markets in the nation when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery–surprising a lot of people! There are many reasons that Washington D.C. is such a popular plastic surgery destination. The Metropolitan area is home to a large professional workforce, as well as a significant public-facing sector of the population.

In other words, if you work in Washington D.C., there’s a chance you might have to face the public at some point in your career. For that reason, among others, patients are interested in eliminating lines, wrinkles, and excess tissue from around the eyes. After all, eyelid lift procedures are famous for their ability to pack a big impact into a relatively small operation. In fact, small facial surgery and non-invasive facial rejuvenation techniques are among the most popular procedures in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Your Washington D.C. Eyelid Experts

Dr. Soheila Rostami and Dr. Maryam Nazemzadeh are two of the foremost eyelid experts in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Together, they offer a wide variety of procedures, including the following:

  • Therapeutic eyelid lift procedures
  • Cosmetic eyelid lift procedures
  • Laser Eyelid Lift
  • Eyelid rejuvenation with dermal fillers
  • Facelift
  • Browlift

Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostami both have a passion for the eye; that’s because they know how important the eyes are. More than any other aspect of your face, your eyes are going to communicate emotions. However, when dark circles or excess skin or out of control wrinkles get in the way, your eyes can start communicating messages you don’t intend to send. Excess eyelid, for example, can make your face appear older and more fatigued than you actually feel.

That’s why eyelid rejuvenation and eyelid surgery are such popular options. This is especially true in Washington D.C., where it is vitally important for many people to have control over how emotive they are. Broadly speaking, if you feel young and vibrant and happy, you will want your eyes to reflect that. Eyelid surgery can help accomplish that.

Helping You See Better in Washington D.C.

Additionally, when excess eyelid tissue begins to interfere with vision, blepharoplasty can help patients see better. The procedure is one that is relatively minor–but the eyes are a sensitive area of the face, so we encourage everyone to find the best possible eyelid surgeon to ensure the optimal results.

If you want to see what Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh can do for you, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We are the premiere choice for eyelid surgery and eyelid rejuvenation in the Washington D.C. area, and have a well-earned reputation for providing excellent results. If you want an eyelid procedure performed, Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostami are your Northern Virginia plastic surgery experts!

I have visited numerous facilities and doctors, and I have found the right one for me. I received eyelid surgery and brow lift by Dr. Rostami and the results are amazing and very natural looking. I am impressed with Dr. Rostami's surgical skill not to mention her warm personality. I have complete trust in her and look forward to my upcoming lower facelift.

Robin H.