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Can Blepharoplasty Make Your Eye Healthier?

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We often talk about the significant impact blepharoplasty can have on the aesthetics of your eyes. An eyelid lift can make you look younger, more active, more energized—it can make people look at you in a whole new way. Those are all incredibly important characteristics of an eyelid lift. In fact, we make it a point not to diminish any cosmetic changes that improve the quality of life for patients.

But that’s not the limit of what an eyelid lift can do. Indeed, blepharoplasty can actually afford some patients concrete health benefits. Those benefits can be incredibly important for patients who are suffering the effects of aging around the eye.

Medical Benefits of Eyelid Lift Procedures

The medical benefits of eyelid lift procedures focus on two specific aspects of the eye. The first is the tissue of the eyelid itself. The second is the fat that cushions the eye in the skull. Both of these areas of the eye are adversely affected by the normal aging process, but blepharoplasty can provide a solution and a treatment.

In the case of the skin of the eyelid, drooping around the eye (known medically as ptosis) can adversely impact one’s field of vision. Essentially, the eyelid becomes so droopy that your vision becomes blocked by your own eyelid. In most cases, this happens so slowly and incrementally that patients don’t notice the narrowing of their field of vision.

However, once the ptosis has been cleared away, patients notice the significant improvement in terms of what they can see.

The other issue is often the fat. As you age, the fat that insulates and protects your eye within the skull often begins to break down. This leads the fat to fill in the area around your eye, leading to a swollen or bulging look. Understandably, patients are not particularly partial to this look.

Eyelids that are “out of alignment” like that also don’t necessarily work as well. Additionally, the “swollen” eyes can block vision in the same way that drooping eyelids can (and again, this happens so slowly that patients are necessarily aware of it at first).

A blepharoplasty procedure can address both of these issues, providing patients with a significant improvement in their overall field of vision. Improving that field of vision certainly qualified as a “medical” improvement, given that one’s vision can have a day-to-day impact on one’s activities (for example, with driving).

A Medical And Cosmetic Improvement

This makes an eyelid lift somewhat unique in the world of plastic surgery. Most procedures are divided into one of two categories: therapeutic/reconstructive or cosmetic. There are few procedures that bridge the divide between the two, offering bother therapeutic benefits as well as cosmetic. Rhinoplasty, for example, is often one of those procedures.

So, too, are eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty) procedures. Whether you’re getting an upper eyelid lift or a lower eyelid lift, these procedures can both improve your overall vision and improve the way you look at yourself in the mirror.

Now, it’s true that most of the changes made by eyelid lifts are subtle overall. But they make a big impact because of the important role your eyes play in the expression of your identity. Indeed, think about how expressive your eyes truly are. The more you open them up, the more you’ll be able to express yourself in the way you desire.

It won’t hurt that you’ll see better and look more youthful at the same time. To find out more about what an eyelid lift can do for you—both cosmetically and medically—contact Dr. Nazemzadeh or Dr. Rostami to schedule a consultation. During your meeting with the surgeons, you’ll discuss your desired final look and the best way to achieve it.

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