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Eyelid Lifts for Politicians?

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Spending your time in the public eye isn’t easy. As a society, we tend to make a lot of judgments about someone based on the way they look: do they seem trustworthy, do they seem energetic, do they seem like they might care about me? There’s almost always an instant reaction towards those we see only in the public sphere, and that reaction has a lot to do with looks.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that eyelid lifts for politicians have become quite common. After all, one thing that politicians need to do is control the messaging—and that includes the messaging that is inscribed on their faces. An eyelid lift is a safe, effective way to make yourself look younger and more energized, so it’s easy to see the appeal to politicians.

How Do Eyelid Lifts for Politicians “Control the Message?”

There’s that old adage that something like 90% of communication is done in the form of body language. In these cases, “body” includes your face. If you have too much excess skin around your eyes, you might be sending some signals you don’t want to. You could look:

  • Tired
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Older than you feel

For a politician any number of those unwanted expressions can spell doom. After all, we typically want our politicians to be energetic and vibrant. That’s why it’s not shocking that someone such as Marco Rubio—a politician who is well known for his youthful look—has been rumored to undergo eyelid lift procedures.

People have a way of “tuning out” your facial features when they conform to what’s expected. What I mean by that is, if you show up to a big press conference with sudden wrinkles around your eyes, people might assume that you aren’t sleeping well or that you’re tired.

But if you show up with the kind of youthful look that is more in line with, for example, how you campaigned—no one will have those sudden doubts about your energy levels.

Significant Changes, but Not BIG Changes

Politicians don’t want to seem shallow, so it’s best when the plastic surgery isn’t immediately noticeable. That is, if shocking before and after photos show up on the evening news, that will be bad for the politician.

Let’s put it this way: a politician that is discovered to have had plastic surgery might give his or her political opponent a weapon. In other words, politicians generally don’t want to be seen as shallow or frivolous. The oft-cited example is the large amount of money John Edwards used to pay for his haircuts. No one wants to be seen in that same light.

That’s why major plastic surgery procedures—such as a full facelift—are often out of the question for politicians who spend so much time in the public eye. And that’s also why eyelid lift procedures are so popular.

And eyelid lift is able to provide a big impact in terms of how effective it is. But the actual footprint of the procedure is relatively tiny. In fact, without incredible close-ups and zooming lenses, it can be difficult to get those before and after spy shots.

An Eyelid Lift Definitely Helps

But getting an eyelid lift can make you look well-rested, confident, and younger all at the same time. That’s because the eyes tend to be pretty central to the composition (and perception) of the face. Making a small change to the eyes can mean a big change in the ways you’re perceived.

It helps, too, that eyelid lift is a minimally invasive procedure from which one is able to recover from quickly. That means a politician doesn’t have to explain a multi-week absence. It’s a procedure that can be done, in some cases, over a weekend!

With such a big impact, and such a small footprint, it’s no wonder that eyelid lifts for politicians continue to increase in popularity (and it doesn’t hurt that everyone else can take advantage of this procedure, too).

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