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Eyelid Surgery Concerns for Asian American Patients

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All of our Virginia area eyelid patients have concerns about their unique and individual eyelids surgery results. This can be especially true for Asian or Asian-American patients.

There are specific cultural and social issues that can arise for Asian and Asian-American patients that are worth being sensitive to. For all patients, there is an effort on the part of surgeons to preserve the original character and personality of the shape of the eye.

In the case of Asian and Asian-American patients, an eyelid lift or eyelid surgery is not employed to “Westernize” the shape of the eye. An eyelid lift for Asian-American patients is simply designed to achieve a youthful and energetic final look, while maintaing the patient’s unique beauty and culture.

Specific Concerns for Asian American Patients

Ptosis, or drooping of the eyelids, is a relatively common complaint among many patients who are seeking an Asian blepharoplasty procedure. The correction of ptosis in the upper eyelids takes great care and precision, especially when trying to preserve the character and personality of the eyes in question.

In many cases this ptosis can cause an obstruction of a patient’s vision, as the excess skin from the eyelid droops in front of the eye.

Aftercare and recovery are also particular areas of concern for many patients after an eyelid lift procedure. Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostami take great care to ensure that their patients are comfortable and have as speedy of a recovery as possible. It’s also worth noting that the specific concerns of Asian and Asian-American patients can be addressed with both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Every Patient is Unique

While there are common requests from many Asian and Asian-American patients, it’s worth emphasizing that these common requests are not universal. Additionally, while there are common challenges to Asian blepharoplasty procedures, these challenges are also not universal.

Rather than offering a kind of “ethnic” approach to any type of blepharoplasty procedure, Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh offer an individualized and unique approach to each and every patient. This helps to ensure that all patients get the results that they’re really after.

Because an eyelid lift procedure of any kind—whether it’s focused on the upper eyelids,the lower eyelids or both—isn’t designed to change the nature of your eyes. Rather, blepharoplasty procedures are intended to make the eyes look more vital and more youthful.

Blepharoplasty procedures can also clear up your vision. As discussed above, ptosis (or eyelid drooping) can interfere with what you see. Blepharoplasty can help remove that excess eyelid tissue to help you see better.

Common Goals, Individual Concerns

What’s true for Asian patients and for all our patients is that they all have individual concerns. Sometimes those concerns are common, such as ptosis, but sometimes those concerns are more unique. During your consultation with Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh, we’ll take time to listen to your concerns and develop a substantive course of action to address them.

Addressing the anatomic variations and clinical concerns of an Asian or Asian-American eyelid usually requires a thoughtful, considered, and experienced approach. Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostmai both have a great deal of experience helping patients of all cultures and ethnicities achieve fantastic results. These are results that not only address common areas of concern but also maintain the identity and features of the patient.

Eyelid surgery, after all, is not about changing the look or shape of the eyes overall—it’s about getting everything else (excess skin, lines, wrinkles) out of the way, so that everyone can appreciate what your unique and individual eyes have to offer. If you want to know more about Asian blepharoplasty, contact Dr. Nazemzadeh or Dr. Rostami today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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