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Medical vs Cosmetic Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

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Results matter. When it comes to an eyelid surgery, those results typically include a younger looking visage. But they also often include the ability to see better. Eyelid lift procedures are well known for removing the visual encumbrance of excess tissue.

Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh’s Virginia plastic surgery patients seek out treatment for a wide variety of reasons. Those reasons include both cosmetic and medical motivations, and eyelid surgery is no different. There are two basic reasons that patients undergo eyelid surgery—each of them are equally valid and each of them yield transformative results.

Let’s take a look at medical vs. cosmetic reasons for eyelid surgery among our Virginia area plastic surgery patients!

Medical or Therapeutic Motivations

virginia droopy eyelid solution before and afterMany patients seeking an eyelid surgery have medical or therapeutic motivations. These are patients whose eyelids, whether due to drooping (also known as ptosis) or the appearance of fat deposits, are interfering with their ability to see. In most cases, these droopy eyelids occur because of the simple effects of gravity.

In other cases, droopy eyelids can be caused by more serious issues, such as brain damage or a stroke. Whatever causes the ptosis, the limitation of the patient’s field of vision can be particularly troubling. Many patients, for example, can suddenly have trouble with:

  • Simple day to day tasks
  • Walking without running into objects
  • Reading or watching television
  • Driving
  • Other daily activities

It should be no surprise, then, that many of these patients are eager to treat drooping eyelids that obstruct vision. In these cases, medical insurance may cover the eyelid surgery.

Patients who do undergo eyelid surgery for medical or therapeutic reasons often report a significant improvement in their overall field of vision. This, in fact, takes many patients by surprise. When the field of vision is slowly obscured, patients don’t always realize how much they’re missing by the time the surgery occurs. For these patients, an eyelid lift can really open up the world again!

Cosmetic Reasons

The other primary reason (broadly speaking) that patients want an eyelid lift is cosmetic. As the skin around the eyelids is stretched out by Mother Nature and gravity, deep wrinkles and lines can form around the eyes.

These lines and wrinkles can make patients look significantly older than they are (and older than they feel). These lines and wrinkles can “set” your face into a certain expression. Many patients complain that they feel as though they can only express sadness or fatigue.

In other words, many patients will seek out an eyelid surgery because it will help make them look younger and happier. The lines and wrinkles around the eyes will be mitigated and eliminated. And, what’s more, the eyes themselves will look more vibrant and alert.

If you think about how much we use our eyes for basic communication, it becomes easy to appreciate exactly why an eyelid lift procedure might be so important to patients. A small cosmetic change can lead to a drastic transformation in the ways a patient is perceived and in the ways that patient feels.

A Combination of Motivations

For most cases, the motivations for eyelid lift procedures do not present as an either-or choice. In other words, most patients exhibit a combination of symptoms, meaning they are treated for a combination of therapeutic and cosmetic reasons. As such, patients tend to get both therapeutic and cosmetic rewards.

That might help explain why eyelid lift surgeries are so incredibly popular—and why they have such a high satisfaction rate. The procedures themselves are relatively low-invasive, and the recovery is generally pretty fast.

So with a small change to your eyes, you can make a big difference in terms of how you see the world and how the world sees you.

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