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Solutions for Puffy and Droopy Eyes

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Of all the ailments of the eye, there are two particular symptoms that patients often complain of: puffy eyes and droopy eyes. Luckily, there are solutions both for puffy and droopy eyes. It’s true that sometimes puffy or droopy eyes are temporary. For example, many people tend to get “puffy” eyes when they have been crying or when they haven’t gotten enough sleep.

However, when your “puffy” or “droopy” eyes don’t go away, it’s likely that fatigue is not the cause. In fact, many times, puffy or droopy-looking eyes are caused by an accumulation of excess fat or skin around the eyelids. So let’s take a look at what actually causes puffy or droopy eyes and what our Virginia eyelid surgery experts can do about them!

Causes of and Solutions for Puffy Eyelids

virginia lower blepharoplasty before and afterPuffy lower eyelids can be unsightly and can dampen the emotions you’re able to express. You might want to look happy and cheerful (because that’s how you feel), but your puffy eyelids could interfere with that. After all, we usually tend to look at puffy eyelids as a sign of fatigue and sadness.

The cause of these permanent puffy eyelids, however, is usually beyond our control. In many cases, puffy eyelids are caused by the accumulation of fat around the lower eyelid. Therefore, the best solution to this issue is a lower eyelid lift (or a lower eyelid blepharoplasty) with possible fat repositioning and removal of excess skin. There are also non surgical options, such as fillers.

During this procedure, excess tissue around the lower eyelid will be removed. Then, if necessary, the fat around the lower eyelid will be repositioned or removed. The end result of this procedure is a lower eyelid that will look less puffy, more youthful, and more expressive.

In other words, a lower eyelid lift can help you emote how you actually feel! You’ll look younger, happier, and more energized than you did before!

Causes and Solutions for Droopy Eyelids

virginia droopy eyelid solution before and afterDroopy eyelids tend to affect the upper part of the eyelid structure. And they will typically form because of an accumulation of excess skin as well as thinning of the muscle that lift the eyelids (which it is called Ptosis). That skin has weight, after all, and the extra weight tends to pull the whole eyelid down, causing a droop. When the muscles, which lift our eyelids, age, they will cause our eyelids to droop. Many to be able to compensate for this problem, use their forehead to lift their eyelids. This droop can be particularly troubling for patients because it can make the patient look sad or depressed or even sleepy.

Most of our patients don’t feel sad or down all the time, so they don’t necessarily want that to be the default emotion of their eyes. Droopy eyelids can also interfere with one’s vision—obstructing what you see and how you see it.

The solution is an upper blepharoplasty procedure and/or Ptosis repair. The benefits of this upper eyelid repair include the following:

  • A brighter, more open looking upper eye
  • An eye that appears less fatigued and depressed
  • An eye that is more expressive
  • The ability to see better and see more
  • The removal of lines, wrinkles, and excess skin around the eye will leave your entire face looking younger

Patients looking for droopy eyelid surgery in Virginia rave about the great results they get from Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh’s upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

Plan for Recovery and Great Results

Both lower and upper eyelid lift procedures are surgical in nature, though they also happen to be minimally invasive. In fact, in many cases, the entire procedure can be accomplished in less than thirty minutes (not including recovery). However, you should still prepare yourself for some slight discomfort and to take a little time off of work in order to let your body heal.

There may also be some slight bruising and swelling after your procedure. Once the results manifest, however, our Virginia and Washington DC patients report being thrilled with their results. Lower and upper eyelid lift procedures for puffy and droopy eyelids can make a huge difference in the way others see you—and in the way you see yourself.

To find out more about procedures offered by Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh, contact us today!

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