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The Shape of Your Eyes

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The shape of your eyes is important. As with many other physical aspects of the human body, the eyes are “coded” in a very powerful way—they are, after all, the windows to the soul. Eyes that are wide mean one thing, eyes that are narrow mean another.

Part of the reason for this is because we use our eyes to communicate a significant amount of emotion. So the shape of the eyes will therefore have an effect on how those feelings are conveyed. To some degree, blepharoplasty is employed to preserve the shape of your eyes, to give you control over the shape of your eyes in the face of aging.

But knowing the shape of your eyes is important, too. There are some basic “types” of eye shape.

Basic Types of Eye Shapes

virginia restylane eyelid liftEveryone’s eyes are unique. However, there are some general types of eye shape that many people will at least mostly fall into. These common eye shapes can help you determine the best way to apply makeup or how you might be sending some emotional signals you don’t necessarily mean to (especially as you age).

Some of the most common eye shapes include:

  • Upturned Eyes: Sometimes known more colloquially as “almond shaped” eyes, upturned eyes feature a longer looking lower eyelid than top eyelid, along with a slight upturn near the corner of the eye. These “classic” looking eyes, essentially, are shaped like almonds (hence, the name).
  • Downturned Eyes: Whereas an “almond shaped” eye has an upturn in the corner, a downturned eye has lower outer corner than inner corner. Downturned eyes are essentially the inverse of upturned eyes, and they feature a longer looking upper eyelid than lower eyelid.
  • Hooded Eyelids: This type of eye has an extra layer of skin above the eyelid that hides (or, in some cases, droops over) the upper eyelid. Essentially, it can make your upper eyelid disappear. This can also make your eyelids appear a bit closer to your eyebrows. As you age, this might cause problems with the eyelid drooping over your field of vision.
  • Deep Set Eyes: When the eyes themselves are set a little more deeply into the face, we refer to them (not surprisingly) as “deep set eyes.” This can make your brow look a little more prominent (although that can often be mitigated somewhat by the application of make-up).

Your Eye Shape as You Age

There is no such thing as a “more attractive” or “more preferred” eye shape. In fact, every shape is unique to the person—and that’s something worth celebrating. As you age, however, the structures that give your eyes shape can begin to wear down. Your eyelids can begin to sag.

Patients who have to deal with excess tissue around the eyelids will often be uncomfortable with how they look—a little more tired, a little more aged. This is because the lines and wrinkles around the eyes tend to accumulate and change the expressions you’re capable of making.

lower_bleph_internal_eyebrow_fixation_beforeThe shape of your eyes may determine whether this excess tissue will accumulate around your upper eyelids or lower eyelids (or both). Patients who want to retain their basic eye shape will often elect to undergo a blepharoplasty (or eyelid lift) procedure.

It’s important that your eyelid lift preserve the original shape of your eyes. After all, that shape is important to your identity, to the way you look at your face, to your unique and original beauty.

Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh have years of experience helping patients see better and look younger in a way that retains your personality—and that retains the shape of your eye. If you want to preserve the shape of your eyes in the face of the effects of aging, contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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