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Top Reasons To Get Eyelid Surgery

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There are many considerations that go into undertaking a plastic surgery procedure. That’s universally true. (No one gets plastic surgery willy-nilly or on a whim.) There are always factors that go into making one decision over another. So what are the factors that go into the decision to get eyelid surgery? That is, what are the top reasons people consider eyelid surgery in the first place?

As with any plastic surgery procedure, there’s both a simple and a complicated version of that answer. The simple version is this: people consider eyelid surgery because they want to look and feel good. Some of them even simply want to see better.

What’s the complicated side of that answer? Let’s take a look in a bit more depth at both the therapeutic and cosmetic reasons people consider eyelid surgery.

Some of the Top Reasons to Get Eyelid Surgery

First, we’ll consider the cosmetic reasons people might opt for an eyelid surgery. But that comes with a little biology (or physics?) lesson. See, as we age, we develop excess skin. This happens for two reasons. First, gravity is always exerting a downward force on our bodies (and our skin). Second, our skin loses elastic as we get older.

When those two forces (gravity and age) are combined, it gives us a bit more skin that we started with. That excess skin can collect around the eyelids and do several things:

  • Make you look older than you are (or older than you feel)
  • Make you look tired or fatigued, especially if it causes dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Make you look sad or depressed (by causing sagging of the upper eyelid)
  • Change the way people perceive you
  • Change the way you perceive yourself

When people opt for a cosmetic eyelid lift, it’s often because they feel that the reflection in the mirror no longer represents who they are. Patients who have undergone blepharoplasty often report a significant improvement in both confidence and self-esteem.

Therapeutic Reasons to Consider Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes it’s not so much how you’re seen that bothers patients, but how they see. We discussed above how you can develop excess skin around the eyelids as you age. Well, sometimes that excess skin can actually begin to impede your vision. This happens when the drooping (known medically as ptosis) from this excess skin gets so bad that it ends up obscuring your vision.

Essentially, the skin droops in front of your eyes, blocking your field of sight. This can happen slowly—so slowly that many patients don’t even notice, at first. When the excess tissue is finally removed, patients often report a significant improvement in what they can see.

This not only affects one’s field of vision, but also the quality of that vision. For example, the excess skin over the eyelids can often impact how much light the eye is able to receive. When light doesn’t get to your eyes, you aren’t able to see as well (it’s like always being in the dark, no matter how bright it is outside). That can be trying for many patients.

That’s why many patients seeking a therapeutic improvement come to Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostami in order to see an improvement.

Sometimes It’s Both

It’s worth noting that many patients seek out an eyelid surgery procedure for a combination of reasons. Sometimes this means a combination of cosmetic reasons or a combination of therapeutic reasons. But it’s also not uncommon for patients to have a combination of cosmetic and therapeutic reasons for considering an eyelid lift.

After all, patients who have therapeutic reasons still receive the cosmetic benefits (and vice versa). So you might have plenty of reasons to be thinking about an eyelid surgery. If you want to discuss those reasons with a highly qualified surgeon, contact Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh today.

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