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Your Source for Eyelid Surgery News in Virginia

For the inaugural post on at, we’d like to take a moment to welcome you to our brand new website. The mission of this site is pretty straightforward: we want to give patients as much information as possible about eyelid lift surgery as it is performed by our surgeons in northern Virginia. The goal of this information is to help you make an informed, wise, and good decision (in conjunction with conversations with your surgeon) about what eyelid surgery can do for you.

In order to present this information in the most useful way possible, we have broken our website up into several main categories:

  • About Us: In this section you can learn more about the facility and the surgeons (Dr. Soheila Rostami and Dr. Maryam Nazemzadeh) that will likely be responsible for your procedure.
  • Eyelid Surgery: This section of the website delves into the many different aspects of eyelid surgery, from how best to prepare to how you can plan on your recovery. We also discuss the surgery itself, whether it’s for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. There is a lot of variety when it comes to eyelid surgery, so the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to discover what’s best for you.
  • Non Surgical Rejuvenation: Not all eyelid procedures involve surgery. In the “Non-Surgical Rejuvenation” section of the website, we discuss non-invasive or non-surgical means of eliminating lines, wrinkles, and signs of fatigue from around the eyes. These non surgical procedures offer subtle, natural-looking results and a quick recovery time, making them a popular option.
  • Laser Eyelid Lift: Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh offer a variety of laser eyelid lift procedures. These procedures are designed to get results without the need for surgery; in most cases, laser procedures are able to offer a degree of skin tightening and skin smoothing that eliminates lines and wrinkles.
  • Gallery: In many cases, the proof is in the pudding. One of the best ways to determine whether a given procedure is the best fit for you is to look at the results. Our cutting edge photo gallery is designed to let you see clear before and after photos. Our photo gallery is stocked with actual patient images; these are patients of both Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh, so you will be able to determine whether you like the results.

Take Some Time to Explore

We invite you to spend some time exploring our website and dig into the information presented. It is our hope that you’ll be able to find an eyelid procedure that will be helpful in meeting your needs. If you have questions about how an eyelid procedure can be helpful to you, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Nazemzadeh or Dr. Rostami. We work hard to make sure all of your questions are answered and you feel confident in your path forward.

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I have visited numerous facilities and doctors, and I have found the right one for me. I received eyelid surgery and brow lift by Dr. Rostami and the results are amazing and very natural looking. I am impressed with Dr. Rostami's surgical skill not to mention her warm personality. I have complete trust in her and look forward to my upcoming lower facelift.

Robin H.