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Changing the Shape of Your Eyelids

The best part of any cosmetic or therapeutic plastic surgery procedure is getting to the finish line and enjoying the results. In the case of eyelid surgery, results are typically surprisingly dramatic considering the relatively minor work done during blepharoplasty procedures. This is not to say that eyelid lift procedures are less complex or less demanding; simply that there is much less surface area involved. But the eyes are the window to the soul, as they say, and any change to the appearance of the eyes make a big impact on the way we view the face.

Why Sanctuary Cosmetic Center?

Whether performed for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, eyelid lift patients who come through the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center love their results. Highly specialized and trained in oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the best hospitals in the world, Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh are able to differentiate the subtleties of individual eyelids and create the perfect shape and contour to fit their patients’ faces. Together they hold board certifications in ophthalmology and facial plastic surgery and are know as the “Queens of Eyes.” At Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, and under their skilled and expert hands, your eyes will be brighter, more youthful looking, and more vibrant.

Additionally, in many cases, vision impairments are mitigated through the procedure. Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh’s results speak for themselves, please visit our before and after gallery on eyelid surgery and you can judge for yourself. Eyelid lift surgery is a precise and difficult procedure that requires fine tuned skills and an eye for aesthetics that our surgeons have acquired throughout their years of experience and training.

How Long Does it Take to See Eyelid Surgery Results?

During the first 7-14 days of your eyelid surgery recovery, you may experience swelling that will improve daily. However, once that swelling subsides, you will begin to see the initial stages of your results. Most patients will notice an immediate loss of volume around the eyes and vision may improve after 7-14-day point. Patients generally are able to return to work after a few days and experience little to no pain during their post-operative period.

Additionally, it’s important to note that results from an eyelid surgery are effectively permanent. And while natural aging processes will still occur, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your eyelid lift for years to come.

What Do Eyelid Surgery Results Look Like?

virginia blepharoplasty before and after actual patientFinal eyelid surgery results offer a dramatic difference–and a dramatic set of benefits–once the final results are visible. Most patients will notice a dramatic decline in the amount of skin and tissue around the eyes. In other words, the eyes will appear larger, more youthful, and more vibrant. Therapeutic patients also often remark that they’re able to see better and more clearly after surgery. These results can dramatically transform the way that the face is perceived because the eye is so often a focal point of attention.

As a result, eyelid surgery can make the entire face look more youthful, refreshed, and even rejuvenated. In essence, the eyes become much more visible and, therefore, more expressive. Our patients enjoy the ability to emote again and to express what they’re feeling. Many patients seek eyelid surgery as they feel that the excess tissue around their eyelids make them look old, fatigued, and even sad. Once the eyelid surgery results are visible, patients tend to feel that their faces more closely resemble their actual feelings and moods.

In general, our patients have reported a wide variety of benefits associated with the results of their eyelid surgeries, including the following:

  • An improved field of vision
  • Some patients report that the world looks brighter after surgery (due to more light entering the eye)
  • The removal of bags around the eyes
  • The removal of lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • A more youthful looking appearance to the eyes
  • The ability to be more expressive with the eyes
  • An overall more youthful and rejuvenated appearance to the face
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

Whether your motivation for eyelid surgery is therapeutic or cosmetic, the benefits above are shared by both sets of patients.

Is Eyelid Surgery Worth it?

When it comes to satisfaction with the results, eyelid surgery is one of the most positively reviewed plastic surgery procedures available today. Patients love the transformative results and the relatively easy recovery period. If you are interested in what an eyelid lift can do for you–either therapeutically or cosmetically–contact world-renowned eyelid surgery experts Dr Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to schedule a confidential consultation. The surgeons at Sanctuary will explain, in detail, what you can expect from your eyelid surgery results.

I have visited numerous facilities and doctors, and I have found the right one for me. I received eyelid surgery and brow lift by Dr. Rostami and the results are amazing and very natural looking. I am impressed with Dr. Rostami's surgical skill not to mention her warm personality. I have complete trust in her and look forward to my upcoming lower facelift.

Robin H.