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Offering Dark Circles Treatment in Virginia

We all get tired. And when we do, we sometimes develop dark circles beneath our eyes. That’s normal, and in those normal cases of fatigue, the best way to get rid of dark circles is with a good night’s sleep. However, when those dark circles don’t dissipate normally, they can become quite frustrating. Dark circles can make you look fatigued and tired even when you’ve gotten a full night’s rest. These permanent dark circles can develop for a number of reasons, and patients looking for a solution can find among the best treatments in the nation at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in northern Virginia.

Getting rid of those dark circles can help you look more youthful, more rested, and more responsive. People may greet you with a more positive attitude because they won’t assume that you are tired or depressed. By eliminating dark circles under your eyes, you’re able to have better control over the expressions you emote. Dark circles treatment, as performed in the Virginia area at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, usually consists of the the injection of dermal fillers or, sometimes, a laser treatment. If you want to get rid of those dark circles and look a little more youthful and rested, contact the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to schedule a confidential consultation.

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

In most cases, dark circles under the eyes are caused by fatigue. However, the dark circles that cause concern or discomfort among our patients are a bit more complex. As you age, your skin tends to expand; that’s simply the effect that gravity has on you, exerting pressure on your skin bit by bit. When you’re young, your skin has a great deal of elasticity, meaning your skin simply bounces back and remains smooth. But as you age, your skin loses that elasticity. As your skin stretches, it also thins (this is why, as you age, veins and arteries become more visible beneath the skin).

The skin beneath your eyes is particularly susceptible to thinning skin because of the general shape of your face. The thin skin causes a couple of things to happen: first and foremost, it’s easier to see the many blood vessels around the eye through this thin skin (it looks like bruising or can even look black and blue). The other thing that happens is that the lower eyelid region can “sink in” a little bit, causing shadows beneath the eye to become much more prominent. When these two issues combine, it can cause significant dark circles around the eyes that are challenging to mitigate without a cosmetic procedure.

How Are Dark Circles Under the Eyes Treated?

In some cases, surgery will be the best way to address any eyelid issues. However, dark circles beneath the eyes can be treated non invasively and in one of two ways.

Injections of Dermal Fillers for Dark Circles

The most common non surgical way to treat dark circles beneath the eyes is with the injection of a dermal filler. At the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, we usually recommend either Juvederm or Restylane as the filler of choice for several reasons. The relatively small molecules of these fillers enable Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh to achieve a smooth, natural-looking final result. By adding volume to the area under the lower eyelid, the blood vessels become more difficult to see and the “bruised” look is mitigated. The additional volume also helps to balance out the proportion of the eyes, improving the overall look. These dermal fillers are generally temporary, lasting for 18 months or so, but patients can get maintenance injections if they like the results. Most injectable treatments can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

Energy Treatments for Dark Circles

In some cases, laser treatments can remove dark circles or dark pigment under the eyes. V-Beam lasers or Intense-Pulsed-Light treatments can also help make dark circles beneath the eyes look less obvious. Patients who undergo laser treatments for dark circles often cope with a slightly longer recovery time, as the resurfacing will leave the skin feeling red (the discomfort from this is often compared to a sunburn). However, any redness should subside within several days of the procedure. This treatment will often rejuvenate the skin around the lower eyelid, leaving the eyes looking more youthful and energized. Most energy treatments for the eyes can be accomplished in a two-hour session, though more sessions may be necessary depending on your desired final results.

What are the Benefits of Getting Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Surgical eyelid procedures are the single most effective means of getting a bold, permanent effect when addressing eyelid issues. However, not all patients require such a bold approach, and not everyone wants to undergo surgery. For patients looking for a more subtle final look and for those who are looking for a non-invasive approach, these non surgical means of getting rid of dark circles under the eyes can have excellent benefits. The benefits of removing dark circles around the eyes include the follow:

  • A more youthful appearance to the eyes
  • You will look more awake and alert
  • You will not perpetually look tired or fatigued
  • You will not perpetually look depressed or sad
  • Your face will be more expressive
  • Your face will look closer to the age you feel you are
  • Eyelid treatment can improve the proportion of the upper and lower eyelids
  • Many patients report an increase in confidence and self-esteem

The benefits of getting rid of dark circles under your eyes will, of course, be quite individualized. Much will depend on your desired final results and the best way to achieve them. If you’re uncomfortable with the dark circles under your eyes, contact Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to schedule a no-pressure consultation. During this consultation you will determine the best way to achieve your desired results and begin on your transformation.

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