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A Non Surgical Eyelid Lift Solution

Due to the nature of its metropolitan area, Washington D.C. is an incredibly public-facing city. This means that looking your best is something on the mind of many professionals in the area. Looking your best can be difficult when you’re as busy as the average professional in Washington. It’s not uncommon for some of our patients to develop dark circles under the eyes. Sometimes these circles are caused by fatigue, but sometimes they are caused by aging–by a loss of volume beneath the eye. This loss of volume can vary in how noticeable it might be, but it’s usually caused by a combination of thinning skin and loss of volume..

Treating these dark circles under the eyes has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of dermal fillers as a tool for non surgical eye rejuvenation procedures., Dr. Rostami and Dr. Nazemzadeh will customize the dermal filler used under your eyes to give you your desired result. Both Juvederm and Restylane are excellent options for the treatment of dark circles under the eyesPatients who undergo a non surgical eyelid lift with Juvederm can expect eyes that look more well rested, more youthful, and much more energized. If you’re interested in what Juvederm can do for your eyelids or if Juvederm can eliminate the dark circles under your eyes, contact the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center immediately to schedule a confidential consultation.

Why is Juvederm a Good Choice for an Eyelid Lift Procedure?

When it comes to a non surgical eyelid lift, there are several advantages with using dermal fillers broadly and Juvederm specifically. The injection of dermal fillers is largely non invasive–just a few, relatively quick injections. The results from non surgical eyelid lift procedures will also manifest almost immediately, so patients will be able to determine whether or not they like the final results or whether there will be some refinement is necessary. And finally, the results from a Juvederm injection are temporary; for patients that are a bit hesitant to pursue cosmetic surgery, this “test drive” approach is a wonderful alternative.

There are, in fact, several further benefits to using Juvederm:

  • The final results look incredibly smooth and natural; there are no bumps or lumps
  • The small molecules of the Juvederm injectables generates the smooth result
  • Results generally last for about 1 year
  • Patients will look happier, better rested, and more energized
  • Dark circles under the eyes will dramatically diminish
  • Results will be visible almost immediately
  • The procedure can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes

It’s worth noting that the results from non surgical eyelid lift procedures–while noticeable–can sometimes be subtle. These results will not match the bold changes that can be accomplished with surgery. But many patients do not require a significant change; only a subtle boost to transform and rejuvenate the face.

What Happens During the Juvederm Eyelid Lift Procedure?

Your Juvederm eyelid lift procedure will be very straightforward, and all of these procedures are performed at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in northern Virginia. The initial step will be the consultation, during which you will discuss your desired final results. You will also discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure. In general, good candidates for a Juvederm eyelid lift procedure:

  • Have dark circles under the eyes
  • Are not interested in or are not a good fit for eyelid lift surgery
  • Want immediate results
  • Have realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

Once you have been established as a good candidate, Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh will select the appropriate injection sites. In most cases, the procedure can be performed in the same appointment as the consultation.

Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, is then injected into the appropriate places in order to add volume. For patients who want the dark circles around the eyes targeted, this means the area beneath the lower eyelid. For other patients who complain of excess skin around the upper eyes, added volume may help “shore up” that loose skin. In most cases, Juvederm will be injected around the problem areas in order to address the primary issue of lack of volume.

Juvederm Eyelid Lift Recovery and Results

The added volume from the Juvederm injection should be apparent almost immediately. However, that doesn’t mean you will see your final results immediately. There are several processes that happen “behind the scenes” of your skin (including the mobilization of natural collagen in your body) that take several days to become apparent. There may be some bruising or redness for several days following your Juvederm injection, but that should subside quickly.The results from your Juvederm injection will then become apparent.

Dr. Rostami’s and Dr. Nazemzadeh’s Juvederm eyelid patients have consistently commented on how wonderful they think they look after this procedure. The bags and the dark circles under the eyes are extensively mitigated, leading to a face that looks and feels rejuvenated and better rested.. In other words, after your Juvederm eyelid lift procedure, you can look forward to a reflection that appears more energized, more radiant, and more youthful. People passing by will no longer automatically assume that you’re exhausted, and that can lead to significant improvements in confidence and self-esteem.

So if you’re wondering what a Juvederm eyelid lift procedure can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact our staff to set up an appointment at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Northern Virginia. The sooner you schedule your appointment, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of your non invasive Juvederm eyelid lift procedure.

I have visited numerous facilities and doctors, and I have found the right one for me. I received eyelid surgery and brow lift by Dr. Rostami and the results are amazing and very natural looking. I am impressed with Dr. Rostami's surgical skill not to mention her warm personality. I have complete trust in her and look forward to my upcoming lower facelift.

Robin H.