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Because the eyes are a kind of focal point of the face, the impacts of any changes made are quite profound. Eliminating lines and wrinkles from around the eyes, for example, can have a profound impact on the overall look of the face. But sometimes, in order to achieve the desired final results, further procedures are required. These related procedures are usually used to enhance eyelid rejuvenation. In most cases, these related procedures are also designed to be minimally invasive and promote a rapid recovery.

The related procedures offered by Dr. Nazemzadeh and Dr. Rostami at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center include:

  • Mini-Facelift with Local Anesthesia: This procedure, is designed as a less invasive alternative to a complete facelift. Rather than treating the entire face, this “mini” facelift targets specific areas of wrinkles and lines, using small incisions to focus on the targeted areas. In the end, the face looks rejuvenated and much more youthful, but recovery is much quicker than it would be with a full facelift (the use of local anesthetic instead of general has much to do with that).
  • Brow Lift with Local Anesthetic: As with the mini-facelift procedure, a brow lift with local anesthetic takes a minimally invasive approach to eliminating lines and wrinkles around the brow and forehead area. The local anesthetic means that patients are able to return home more quickly for their recovery. Results are typically visible within a week or so after the procedure, though swelling and bruising may last a week or two longer. The end result is a forehead that is smoother and more youthful looking.

The Benefits of Related Procedures

As mentioned above, many patients seek out these related procedures because, while eyelid rejuvenation and eyelid lifts provide a significant bang for the buck, sometimes you need a little extra to get your entire desired look. If the forehead or face look significantly older than the eyelid area, the incongruity between the two may diminish the results of your procedure. However, when the entire face is treated to look more youthful, the results look more natural and more convincing.

If you are curious about what these related procedures can do to help rejuvenate your face, contact the facial plastic surgery experts–Dr. Rostami or Dr. Nazemzadeh–to schedule a thorough and conscientious consultation. We take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure you feel comfortable and confident before moving forward. Contact us today to get started on your facial transformation!

I have visited numerous facilities and doctors, and I have found the right one for me. I received eyelid surgery and brow lift by Dr. Rostami and the results are amazing and very natural looking. I am impressed with Dr. Rostami's surgical skill not to mention her warm personality. I have complete trust in her and look forward to my upcoming lower facelift.

Robin H.